Introducing Tree Frogs to a Forest of Books – a Frog Bookmark

Frog bookmark No.1

Frog bookmark No.1

When I started painting bookmarks, I decided to paint a subject I love – frogs! On this post I have displayed my first bookmark using watercolours. I might add a little more to the background and tidy up the frog’s front feet, but other than that I think it went well. I wanted to paint something very simple but effective, and I think I’ve achieved that.

I must admit, when I took on my bookmark project, I didn’t expect it to be so difficult. I thought painting in a much  smaller area would be easier – I was wrong! Painting on a tiny piece of card requires a lot of precision and patience, but the results make it worthwhile. I’ve been practising a few different ways of creating the frog in the bookmark (and went through a lot of paint to do so), and through trial and error, I finally found a style that works.

I painted the frog by dripping a drop of watery green paint onto the centre of the piece of card, and using a fine brush I manipulated the drop to form the legs, without feet or toes. I left the paint to dry a little and then painted the feet with a smaller drop of orange paint. The head was painted and left to dry before the red eyes were added. I smudged the right eye when applying the black part of the eye, so I’ll have to leave the paint longer to dry next time.

The branches were fairly simple to add, and the leaves  were careful, slow flicks of the brush, with purple and green paint mixed a little (but not fully) to give an interesting blend of colours.

I’ll stick with the frog theme for a while until I’m confident in my skills to paint a frog before moving onto other themes. Thanks for reading!


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