An Update on the Froggy Bookmarks

“You can’t catch two frogs with one hand…”

Frog bookmarks No.1 and 2

Frog bookmarks No.1 and 2

… but you can capture two frogs bookmarks in with one post! I’ve just finished painting my second bookmark, and I’ve posted a picture of the updated first bookmark as well. I put a green hardback book against the scanner so that the whole bookmarks would show up more clearly.

The second bookmark took me much less time to complete because I cut a stencil out to paint the background. I’ve developed more skill in how I blend the colours since last time, and I’m pleased with how the bookmarks turned out. (If you want to see a life-sized preview of the bookmarks, click on the image to your left)

My technique has definitely improved, and I’m finding it easier to create a similar colour blending effect each time. However these are very small artworks, and it will take time to adapt my new blending technique to larger canvases.

Feel free to comment or compare the bookmarks; any advice or criticism would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading!



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