Golden Orange to Light Magenta – A Sunset Bookmark

Sunset Bookmark

The Sunset Bookmark

Please excuse me for veering away from my frog theme today, but I thought I’d take a break from frogs to practise areas that I’m not good at. I’ve always been bad at sunsets, so I spend the last few days working on that, and here’s the result. Although sunsets on a larger canvas are still a bit difficult for me, I can paint them fairly well now. This is my third bookmark, which is based loosely on the view across the bay (you may notice that it’s a little similar to this painting). I also thought it would be a nice idea that, by using the bookmark, you could end each chapter of a book with a sunset.

When I was painting this, I left a blank circle exposing the paper to create the sun. I used a quick search of sunsets on Google images to decide what colours I should use, and then I painted the sky by using brighter colours towards the sun, blending the colours together afterwards. The mountains were painted after the sky was dry, and the water was painted using the exact same colours as the sky, with a brief layer of white acrylic paint to finish the water off. I was careful not to mix the acrylics and watercolours together, because acrylics do not work again if you apply water but watercolours do.

It was an interesting learning experience, and worth the time taken to develop my techniques. My fourth bookmark is going to be another frog one, and it’ll be complete soon.


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