A Fusion of Frog and Sun

Frog Sunset Bookmark


This is my fourth bookmark so far in my series.  I thought I’d use the skills I learned from making the previous bookmark in this one, with a similar sunset behind the frog. I also spent more time experimenting with light and shade on everything except the frog itself. I’ve reflected the sky in the water, but as you may notice I’ve forgotten the sun’s reflection! I was going to paint it in with acrylics, but I decided against it for now. I might come back to fix this at a later time though.

I’ve been working on my frogs over the last few days, and I feel almost confident of painting good small scale frogs with every bookmark, but it is the backgrounds I struggle with. I can paint okay sunsets, and I’m fairly good at creating light blue skies, but cloudy weather is difficult for me to paint at the moment. This may be a problem when I paint more pictures of my surroundings in Ireland because the weather is nothing but clouds and rain!

I feel these bookmarks are good practise for me to develop my weaker points and find new ways to capture or create a scene. Postcards would also be a good idea, but I think I’ll start doing postcards after August. I’ve started this summer bookmark project, so it’s only right that I see it through to the end first, instead of moving on from one thing to another so quickly.

Please click to see a bigger image of the bookmark if you want a closer look, and feel free to comment your opinions and thoughts.


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  1. I nominated this one Daniel.

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