“…One Giant Leap for Frogkind.”

Frog Drifting Through Space

Frog Drifting Through Space

Cosmic Frog

Cosmic Frog

I thought for this post I’d focus on creating something out of this world, so naturally my mind conjured up a scene of frogs catapulting themselves outside our atmosphere to drift onwards in space.


My first bookmark is pretty self explanatory, while my second one depicts an eerie inter-dimensional frog with a white/blue glow. It was quite a challenge to paint a frog onto a black background, so I made a stencil for the first bookmark, and I glued the stencil down to the second bookmark after painting its background, creating a slightly 3D effect. I used some acrylics to help the colours stand out more against the dark background because I wanted some form of contrast in both of the bookmarks.

The stars required a lot more precision than I first thought, taking care when flicking the brush to create tiny droplets rather than huge unsightly blobs.

My favourite of the two is probably the second bookmark, because in comparison the first bookmark looks a little bland, but I’d love to hear which space frog you readers prefer.


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  1. I like both frogs, but the cosmic one a little more.

    Do you have any frog pets Daniel?

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