Drawing The Line On Reality?



As you can see in the photograph (right), I am holding an ordinary 2B pencil made from recycled materials.

Let that thought sink in for a few seconds…

Now, what if I told you that it wasn’t a pencil, but a drawing of a pencil on a carefully cut out piece of cardboard? Although many of you would have been immediately suspicious of this black and white piece of stationary, some people who I have shown the pencil to (outside the blogosphere) were indeed mistaken. I was amazed that by holding this 2D drawing in a specific way from a distance, one could easily deceive themselves into thinking that I was in fact holding a real pencil.

Fake Pencil

Fake Pencil

To make the fake pencil, I simply drew a drawing of a pencil (using a pencil) onto a bit of card with the aid of a ruler, and then cut out the drawing with a scalpel. I made many of these pencil drawings before, but they all either got damaged or lost, so I made one specially for you to see. Sorry about the picture quality of the photograph, but I’m limited to using an old digital camera, and my photography skills aren’t the best. To your left is a scan of the pencil drawing should you want a closer look.

It was an interesting experiment in creating something very 3D out of a completely flat material. I like the sort of art that makes you think twice, and I hope my little drawing has achieved that for you today.


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