Predicting the Future with Pencil and Paper

“Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.” – Niels Bohr

Occasionally, weekends can be boring. Being bored today, I sat down and and tried to think of ideas to draw or paint. After much thinking I decided to imagine what the future might be like. I took a normal HB pencil, a paintbrush and a blue biro, and just started sketching my vision for the future. This quick doodle was the result.

Doodle of the Future

Doodle of the Future

I figured that with overcrowding and world hunger becoming an increasing problem, people are going to start looking to the stars for solutions. We will enter a new space age; new telescopes will be mapping a lot more of our surrounding galaxy, and more manned missions to the moon will take place, and missions to send people to Mars will be in preparation.

Since fossil fuels are disappearing rapidly, we are looking for renewable energy sources for our technology and vehicles. Because aeroplanes are closer to the sun than other methods of transport, they will soon be fitted with solar panels that are advanced enough to perpetually fuel the planes.

There are some areas that even a 4X4 jeep can’t climb over, and I think that we’ll probably have (rather slow) robotic walkers that carry our stuff for us while we trudge across tricky terrain without the burden of heavy backpacks.

Finally, I think that with the increasing security measures being established in today’s societies, some (more oppressive) countries will install tracking chips directly into their citizens to tell where they are at all times, to keep an eye on them, to prevent crime and make the census easier.

These are not guarantees; only guesses for the future. I expect that if any of them do actually happen, they’ll happen in the next decade. These logical guesses are based on what I believe are the consequences of today’s society. I could be wrong. Equally, I could be right. I guess now we’ll just have to wait and see if any of my predictions come true…


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