“Time’s fun when you’re having flies!”

Frog bookmark No. 7

Frog bookmark No. 7

Just a quick post. I think Kermit’s quote sums up my latest bookmark pretty well. A poor unsuspecting fly has landed on what he thought was a slimy, moss covered rock, but as he soon will find out, it’s a very hungry frog.

I thought I’d make something that was a bit comical, while also allowing me to practise close ups on frogs. The legs look a bit messy, but the rest turned out okay. I think the frog’s eyes worked out pretty well. The fly was fairly hard to paint and I had to resort to painting his legs and wings with a pencil dipped in paint because of how small he was. The orange background has come up darker on the scanner than the original, but that doesn’t matter too much.

Overall I think this picture was a success, but I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts to see where I could improve.

Also, if you want to submit the name of your favourite picture on this blog to be the Featured Work of the Month, see the post below.


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  1. Hello Daniel,
    I found your website through you coming for a look at my site. Thank you for taking a look at my site by the way and thanks for the great comments.
    I’m glad I came to have a peek at your site as it is full of wonderful and interesting artwork. The more you draw, the better you get so the best advice anyone can give you is draw whenever you can.
    You are going to be amazing – I can tell.

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