A Sea of Acrylics

Sea bookmark

Bookmark No. 10

There are many things that I still cannot paint, or even draw well. There’s a lot I have to learn. So I’ve spent the last few days practising and combining two subjects that I’m not good at painting – cloudy skies, and the sea. I attempted to paint both subjects many times before with watercolours, but every attempt remained as just that; an attempt, and never looked like a finished piece. I watched a few tutorials and investigated different painting techniques, and today I bravely decided to steer away from my watercolours and entirely used acrylics to paint my bookmark. Because acrylics aren’t revived by water and they dry fairly quickly, they prevented colours from blending as with my past attempts.

I used a can of black acrylic spray paint to give me a dark canvas to work with, to give my picture a stormy look. I then started at the top of the bookmark and worked my way down, layer by layer, until the bookmark was finished. I used small flicks of the brush to create the smaller waves, and larger flicks for the crashing motion of the bigger waves.

Upon reflection I think that a bit more detail on the rocks in the foreground should have been included, but it’s not too bad. I think this is one of my best bookmarks so far, but that’s just my opinion. I want to hear your thoughts, what you liked or didn’t like, so please feel free to comment and thanks for reading!


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