Where Do Blog Awards Come From?

This is my first post that talks about an actual subject, as opposed to an artwork or event in my life. I guess it’s my first proper blog post, but this is an art blog and posts like these take away from the main purpose of this type of blog, but the occasional post can’t hurt. Anyhow, let me start again…

Where Do Blog Awards Come From?

Where Do Blog Awards Come From?

I simply wanted to ask a question:

Where do wordpress blog awards come from?

I typed the above phrase into Google and found no satisfying answers. I had to formulate my own theories. I assume that some bloggers just create their own award to send it to their friends. But then it spreads out and beyond. It is like a letter that is sent from person to person, acknowledging some quality they possess. I could be wrong. Perhaps these awards could have originated from a single comment, complaining about the lack of WordPress awards that specify in certain areas. Maybe someone took action against this void and filled it.

After receiving the Reader Appreciation award the other day, I’ve been awfully curious about these meme awards. They are a fantastic idea. A lot of these awards have rules asking you to tell a number of facts about yourself and it’s great fun thinking of what to put there. But who was the bright spark who came up with that idea? And why? Curiousity, boredom, or maybe a desire to bring bloggers closer together?

The history behind these awards is somewhat a mystery. To solve this mystery, or at least explore it, I have set myself a challenge – to start my very own Blog Award. One that praises visual artists. Painters, writers, photographers, scribblers; anyone who is genuinely talented in some form of art; who can create either an aesthetically pleasing image or piece of writing with wonderful imagery.

I want a unique angle; something new. Although I’ll decide some of the basic rules, like the ones concerning nomination, I want this new blog award to accommodate the ideas of other bloggers; to help strengthen us bond as a blogging community, and to make the award more fun! I want to create something that feels more like an official award, that was set up by the collaboration of a group, rather than one based entirely on the sole thoughts of one person.

And so I ask now for your thoughts, ideas, and what you would like to see in this award. Some will be used, some will not, but all will be considered. I will soon start painting an small image to be used for the award badge, but if you have any suggestions or requests for what you want me to paint, I’d love to hear them.


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  1. I’ve been looking frantically all over the internet to figure out where blog awards come from. Nothing.

  2. Yeah, I agree that it should be a smaller number of people nominated. It feels more .. personal. I got your email, I’m still thinking. If I were to make one (which you’ve sort of inspired me to do) I would probably make mine humorous somehow … you know me. 🙂

    • I hope I inspire a whole new range of unique, more personal awards that target specific admirable qualities rather than generalizing. I’ve probably said it enough on my awards page but anyhow, thanks again for the Reader Appreciation award! If I hadn’t got it I would never have been inspired to inspire you in the first place! 🙂

  3. I started my own as well though it is more of a satire on blog awards that bloggers give each other. At least one blog award out there requires that you nominate 7 other bloggers for the award as a condition of receiving it. This becomes a sort of multilevel award marketing scheme which quickly can become a Ponzi scheme. 🙂

    • Thanks for your answer! As long as no profit is gained from these awards, then Ponzi schemes shouldn’t appear, but I can see how this might occur. Personally I think only 2 or 3 nominations per person would be better as opposed to large numbers of nominations, so that the award becomes something a little more rare and exciting, rather than an exponentially growing meme. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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