You Don’t Have To Be a Bond Villain To Achieve World Domination!

Blog Stats

Blog Stats (17-08-2012)

Within about two and a half months since I turned the search-engine-enabled settings on and letting my blog free into the world wide web, I’ve received over 1000 views! I never thought that it would happen so quickly, but it did.

In a short space of time, my blog has become known in over 30 countries across five continents. This is quite an achievement. It’s not my achievement, however. I only provided the content of the site and chose its theme.

You were the ones who visited, viewed, participated, liked, followed and commented on it.

You, the readers, were the ones who supported the site and without you this site wouldn’t be what it is today.

I would like to send a huge thank you to each and every person who has interacted with this blog. You have helped The Art Frog leap into the world, perhaps further than anyone would’ve ever thought, and for that I am very grateful. The progress of my artwork has been appreciated, and I’m now taking the time to say that I appreciate you!

My next (acrylic) bookmark should be ready soon, so keep an eye out for further posts, and thanks again for taking a small bit of time out of your lives to see my blog!


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