Another Acrylic Sea

Bookmark No. 11

Bookmark No. 11

This will be a fairly short post today. My 11th bookmark is very similar to my previous bookmark (which you can see in this post) because I wanted to practise the same technique again with similar results. It was painted in the exact same way as my last one, but I decided to add an island in the background rather than headlands to the right. I tried to really capture that greenness found in ocean waves.

I feel confident that I can repeat the techniques used in my bookmark fluently enough now, so painting stormy weather is less of a burden for me. It’s good to be able to paint scenes that you once found difficult more easily.

In most of my pictures the horizon, where there is one, is always straight, but for this painting I decided to make it a little bit curved to emphasize the feeling of the storm, and the chaotic nature it brings with it.

Overall I like this bookmark, and the sea and island are more harmonious with each other, but the trees on the island could’ve been painted a bit clearer. What you think of my bookmark? As always, I’d love to hear what you have to say and thanks for reading!


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  1. Love your work Daniel. This picture is really beautiful. You’re very talented!

  2. I love that one 🙂 it’s gorgeous x

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