A Farewell to the Summer Holidays

Bookmark No. 13

Bookmark No. 13

I haven’t had much time to spend on my blog recently. Between visits from relatives and getting ready for school, the last week has been quite busy. You will probably hear from me mostly during the weekends as I start my final year of school on Wednesday. Anyway, I haven’t forgotten about you readers out there, and I think I have time for one last summer bookmark, so today I present you with my 13th bookmark; a sunset in acrylics.

I wanted to give this bookmark a different feel to the rest, and decided to take an entirely different approach to portraying both the sky and waves. For me this bookmark was more about the feeling of the whole painting rather than precise detail. As the joyful spirit of summer fades slowly away, so does the sun in my bookmark, and it says farewell by providing a wondrous display of colour, illuminating the clouds and sea in a joyful, slightly surreal way. It isn’t one of my best works, but as a farewell to the season of summer, I think this bookmark works best.

Before the summer began, this blog was still in its earliest stages of creation. Most of the paintings on this blog hadn’t been painted. My writing skills weren’t the best. But now… this blog has an expanding amount of followers and fans; I have practised painting and developed my skills and techniques; and my writing (that is to say my ability to write well, not my handwriting!) has definitely improved. It has opened new doors to both myself and others.

But just because the summer is almost over, doesn’t mean this blog is! I will be posting less than usual, but I’ll still be posting most weekends. I’ll continue to share my artistic experiences with  my readers, as I continue my journey towards becoming a true artist, throughout my school life, my college life, and onwards from there.

I’m sure that many of you will have to return to school or work yourselves, and so I wish you the best of luck in whatever your lives may include, and thanks for reading!


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  1. Daniel, Your goodbye to summer was a fabulous piece of text. You really are very good at writing and I really enjoyed reading it. The bookmark of the sunset, I thought was brilliant. That is the way I paint when I occasionally put brush to paper but it’s nowhere near as good as your work. The use of your colours I thought was very clever and the motion of the waves made me feel like I could almost reach out and touch them. You have a talent and I am thrilled to know that you are nurturing it. Well done Daniel!

  2. I love this bookmark. There is so much movement in the image, which I really like.

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