Art in Alphabetical Order

My days are already getting busier, as today I had a 4 hour extracurricular class of maths. Maths certainly isn’t my favourite subject, but I need these classes to help me prepare for my exams next year.

Anyway, enough about my life. Today, I want to give you a small insight into creative process.

When I came home I tried to complete the painting I was attempting last weekend, but it didn’t work out. Then I tried painting sunset scenes, but again I had no luck in making them look right. As a result I have a few more outcast paintings to add to my long list of ‘forgotten ones’. I’ve decided to leave the subject of cloudy skies and seas for the time being and look for inspiration elsewhere.

After rummaging through shelves and boxes, I came to the wooden chest at the end of my bed. Inside were a few books, silk drawstring bags with various trinkets in them, and one of many old copies from a while ago. I used to take notes or draw pictures of things that interested me, and inside this copy were my own notes on random historical, spiritual and arcane topics. As I flicked to the back of the old copybook I found what I was looking for.


I had always found the letters, symbols and characters of ancient languages interesting. I wouldn’t like to learn any of the language; I just liked them for their visual qualities. I loved something about their aesthetics. I couldn’t quite pinpoint what is what about them; whether it was the shape and form of the letters, the way they look on a page, or perhaps just the movement in each line of every symbol. But each letter was like a miniature work of art.

Theban Alphabet

Theban Alphabet

I would research the alphabets of languages and copy them down into this copybook, knowing that one day it could come in handy. And now, over a year later, I found it again. I don’t know what sort of artwork I’ll create using the alphabets. I might only use one letter from my small collection, or I might use it all. Perhaps I won’t use them at all and just continue with my normal paintings, and use them as a backup when my inspiration is drained again. Who knows?

If I hadn’t gotten frustrated with my failures today, I would never have found my old book. And now, I have opened a new door of opportunity. I think I could use them to create a good abstract work. Or maybe see how many ways I can make the letters look like frogs. I have new-found inspiration from old origins, flowing through my mind. I just know that my next works of art, whatever they may be, will work out this time. I feel motivated. And I guess, in a weird way, that shows the true power of language.


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