Road Or River?


Bookmark No.14

In my last post, I thought about creating an abstract work based on the alphabets, but I don’t think I’ll create said work just yet. I have some ideas for it, but I think I’ll wait when I have more time to plan it out.

Over the weekend I’ve continued practising those cloudy scenes. I’m getting more used to them now, and I’ve definitely reached a higher standard in my ability to paint clouds. Since some of you really liked my summer bookmarks and I enjoy painting them, I think that I’ll continue making them throughout the year. They can be painted in less time than my bigger paintings, so they’re more practical during the school year.

The picture you see to your left is my latest work, using the same techniques as in my Illuminated Night bookmark. I’m sorry about the picture quality; there must have been an error with the scanner or computer because there’s a very faint series of lines down one side of the image file of my bookmark that I can’t get rid of. And the picture’s a little darker than it is in real life, but hopefully it shouldn’t take away from your enjoyment of the painting!

Today, I decided not to paint a lake or sea scene, but instead a mountainous scene with a river flowing through it. I changed my mind while painting it and decided that the river should be a road, but I eventually decided to leave it ambiguous to allow the observer to make their own mind up about it.

To make it, as stated above, the clouds are painted the same way as my 13th bookmark. For the trees, I used small upward strokes in the middleground, and the one in the foreground overlooking the valley is made up of various different strokes with a small dry brush, as is the small shrub next to it.

So the question remains… is it a road or a river? Thanks for reading!


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  1. Every time I see one of your new pieces they are getting stronger and stronger — your landscapes really have presence! I love this one.

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