Abandoned Valley

Preparatory Painting

Preparatory Painting

I’m sorry about the lateness of my post, but I was sick for most of the weekend with a nasty cold, and (although I don’t like to admit it) being on the computer is the last thing I should do when ill. Trying to paint when sick is difficult, as your senses are dull and there’s a constant threat of sneezing on your art. What annoys me is the fact that I only seem to get sick during the weekends or holidays, never a school day! Although, on the bright side, I haven’t missed a day of school since I began secondary school as a result.

But that’s enough ramblings about my life though; it’s time to talk about one of my preparatory paintings…

I painted the above picture on the 15th of September, to test techniques for my Road or River bookmark.
I recently found the forgotten practise painting which, in a sense, conveyed what being sick feels like. I often paint to express myself, but just as often I find an old work I’ve created that sums up my emotions. This is one of them.


The Finished  Bookmark

The landscape was painted onto a piece of scrap card and cut into a more rectangular shape; I’ve always liked recycling old pieces of card because there’s always something that you can do with them.

The lightning was really an experiment with palette knife techniques, as well as parts of the mountains in the foreground. I didn’t like the lightning, and as a result I decided not to include any lightning in my actual bookmark. I instead used a brighter setting and added forestry to complete the bookmark which would have otherwise been fairly bland.

I thought this picture had an abstract feel to it which I liked, but the main reason for me posting it was to allow you to compare and contrast it a preparatory work with finished bookmark. I hope it provides a further insight into the way I create my paintings and experiment with techniques for them, and as always, thanks for reading!


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