The Sky’s The Limit…

Starry Sky

A Starry Sky

I thought today I’d create a purely fantastical work; a scene that could never exist except in the infinite canvas of the human mind. My newest painting is about the size of a postcard and it was painted using acrylics. I think I prefer using acrylics, but I find when painting sunsets, it’s easier to paint with watercolours.

I wanted to paint a starry sky scene, but I wanted to make them feel somewhat more unreachable than they already were. I wanted to give my sky an heavenly feel to it, and I think the violet colours and clouds capture that. I wanted to move away from painting landscapes and wanted to paint a painting focusing entirely on the sky. I think I will continue to paint more skies for the next few weeks so that I can explore the theme, and also experiment with new ideas.

I painted this by creating the background first, blending white into the middle of the painting. Then, I surrounded the glowing centre of the painting with clouds. These were made by only painting the top of the clouds, and blending them downwards to create the shaded underside of the clouds. The stars were tapped onto the piece of card with a very small brush, and some were blended a little into the background to make them appear more shiny than the rest.

I think it is one of my best pictures so far, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it!


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  1. Reblogged this on 3,2,1 Irony and commented:
    Awesome sky-scape. I absolutely love the way the subtle circular brush strokes draw your attention right to the middle of the page.

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