A Very Still River

Bookmark no. 15

Bookmark no. 15

I haven’t allowed myself much time to post recently, but I feel it is important for me to spend more time on my art rather than blogging about it. This is the second weekend I’ve posted on a Monday, but schedules and deadlines don’t suit me, or at least, not yet. I’ll probably get more used to them when I become an established artist.

Also, I’ve decided to get rid of my Featured Work competition posts (where you vote for which picture should be that month’s featured work). The idea simply did not really work or catch on, but I may bring it back sometime in the future.

Anyhow, today I present the bookmark I was working on over the weekend. It took a few attempts to get right, but I think I like the result.

The clouds, trees and mountains are a combination of techniques from my previous paintings. This weekend I decided to experiment a little with the reflections in the river. Rivers don’t usually have such still waters, perhaps I’ve painted an ox-bow lake by mistake, but if you look at the right middleground of the bookmark, you’ll see the reflections of trees. I painted upside-down trees onto the river and blended them with my index finger to create the effect. Then I painted thin lines across it to give a slight sense of movement in the river.

I wanted to capture the autumn in this painting, but ended up creating a cold, possibly winter scene full of pine forests and mountains with a hint of snow. The grass in the foreground seems a bit too alive and green, so it could be the last days of summer. To be honest, I’m not sure what season my bookmark is anymore. Maybe it doesn’t matter. For now, I’ll leave it an enigma for you readers to decide for yourselves.


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  1. But where are the frogs?!

    • I have been practising landscape paintings recently to explore the techniques, but you’re right… I need more frog paintings! This weekend I’ll either paint a frog picture, or maybe incorporate one into my next landscape picture.

  2. Two purple rivers! I think that is interesting that we posted purple rivers at the same time. The funny thing is I was struggling to name that painting, and that’s what popped into my head. 🙂

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