Frog in a Bog

Frog in Bog

Bookmark no.16

Since Halloween’s creeping ever-closer I thought I’d paint something a little darker than my recent bright and happy pictures. This bookmark’s not exactly spooky, but I think it has a more creepy atmosphere.

I haven’t included any frogs in my latest paintings, and I received a comment from a fellow blogger asking for more. He was right, I need more frogs! And so I painted a frog today. It’s been a long time since we’ve last seen our froggy friend, and he’s a bit shy today – he’s just poking his head out of the water of the swamp.

Upon reflection, I only seem to paint tree-frogs, and rarely regular frogs. I think I prefer their colours to other frogs, especially the redness of their eyes, which I thought would stand out in my swamp picture. The cartoonish tree-frogs I paint have become like a trademark of mine.

Anyhow, as I learned whilst painting my last bookmark, I’ve pulled down the grass to give the impression of a reflection. Upwards brush strokes made up the grass and the trees were created by dabbing the brush onto the bookmark.

When I post next week, it’ll be around three or four days from Halloween, so I guess I’ll paint something spooky and scary. But whatever it is, there’ll definitely be a frog somewhere in it!


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  1. I obviously love your blog because I just realised I have already nominated you for an award. However, I am inspired by your talent and also by the fact you are pretty young as well. You will go far I know. So on this note, I am nominating you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger” Award. Jen xx

    • Thank you so much for the award! It’s nice to know that you think I’m inspiring! 🙂 Thanks again and Happy Halloween!

      • You really are inspiring Daniel. I wish I could have recognized some of my talents so young. I never thought I had any at your age. I can recognize it now when I see it though in someone like you.

  2. Daniel, I absolutely love your art. Looking forward to your hallowed frogs.

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