Capturing Autumn

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”
― William Cullen Bryant

Autumn Sky

Bookmark No. 18

After a few failed attempts, I’ve created a bookmark I’m happy with. I wanted to paint something that reflected the season, but most of my autumn pictures ended up looking like paintings of summer. Today, however, I can proudly present a bookmark that portrays what I believe to be the spirit of autumn.

In today’s bookmark, a frog sits on the grass near the edge of the lake. Behind him, leaves blow across the ground and in the air, gently being lifted off a slender tree by a subtle wind.

I wanted to bring the feeling of autumn, the true beauty of it. The leaves and the sky are intentionally painted in a surreal bright red for that reason. And among the leaves in the foreground, as I promised, there is a frog. I wanted the frog to blend in slightly to the grass behind him, so that he doesn’t distract too much from the painting as a whole, and instead is part of it too.

The majority of the techniques I use have started to become my style, as I’m beginning to feel comfortable with using them, while there are some that keep changing and evolving. The leaves were painted with a fairly dry brush to give them that crispy, rough texture that withered leaves have. I also wanted to let the leaves be a little messy to capture the motion of the leaves, as they descend in dance towards the ground.

I think the bookmark works, but I wonder what you make of it. I’d love to hear your opinions and like always, thanks for reading!


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  1. Holly Craps! This is truley awesome Daniel.
    Love your use of complementary colors.

  2. You soooo did it! The colours, and movement of leaves is wonderful. It is unmistakably Autumn Daniel!

  3. That is BEAUTIFUL!!! I really love it!

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