Christmas Gifts

As I’ve said in my last post, I’ll be spending a while in England with my relatives over Christmas. I’ve searched for some presents for them, but nothing really stood out. I couldn’t think of any good gift ideas… until I saw these in the arts-and-crafts  of a small bookshop:


I thought I could paint them each a personalised present. After painting on a lot of card and watercolour paper, I now feel confident enough to move onto canvas. I thought that a set of small paintings would make great gifts for the family. To give you a sense of  the scale of the canvases, I’ve put a  small mannequin (also bought from that shop) next to the miniature canvases.

Canvas and Mannequin


And here’s an even bigger mannequin, just for the sake of it…


Canvas and Larger Mannequin

I’m unsure of what to paint for my relatives. Currently, I’m undecided between frogs, or winter scenes. Knowing me I’ll probably paint them frogs. So what do you think?

Should I paint some seasonal scenery or friendly Christmas frogs?


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  1. I think you should paint them your “Kenmare church” standing on a hill… with snow on the ground.

    • Interesting! I wouldn’t have thought of that if you had never mentioned it! It could be very difficult to paint on such a small canvas, though. Thank you very much for your comment! 🙂

  2. Try the frogs for the relies…stick with what you know. Then, branch out into some other stuff when there is no pressure maybe? Or…whatever you feel comfortable with!

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