Green and Orange

Life has been pretty hectic. With Christmas, New Year, doctors appointments, and a ton of major exams are coming up, I’ve barely had a chance to post on my blog, although that’s not the main reason I haven’t posted. Each time I write a post, I try to come up with an interesting painting or picture to post with it. I wanted a good painting for this post, but lately I haven’t been able to get my paintings to work. I’ve tried again and again to create pictures that are better than the last, but my latest ones didn’t seem to come out the way I want them to. I chose to post the following two paintings because I feel they are the best ones out of my recent lot.


The one on the right is finished, but I might add something to the one on the left, although I’m not sure what. Despite the many wonders and joys of the busy holiday season and getting back to school, I seem to have lost my sense of inspiration. To help clear this artist’s block, I’ve tried painting on bigger canvases. The ones above are just over twice the size of the little Christmas canvases. I think the lack of frogs really conveys this strangely inspiration-less phase of my life. As much as I’ve tried to paint them, I’ve failed. I think I’ll post some more of my smaller canvas paintings that I’ve made this month soon. Perhaps they are better than I perceive them as.

In my recent paintings I’ve tried perfecting the techniques I know, instead of trying new things before I fully understand how to use my current techniques. I think the colours of the two paintings work well with each other, hence the post title. I felt that they are a bit bland for what I usually paint, but maybe less is more. I wonder what you’ll make of these two pictures? Feel free to click on them for a closer look.

To those of you who I haven’t wished a Happy New Year, I wish you a belated one now, and as always thanks for reading!


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  1. Everytime I have a look round your blog I always smile – really nice work daniel! much love as always 🙂

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