Going back to Graphite

I said last week that I’d see where the brush would take me, but I’ve been drawn back to the wonderful writing stick known as the pencil this weekend.

I haven’t created many drawings recently, spending most of my time painting, so I decided to do a couple of observational sketches to get me back into the feel of drawing.

The first two sketches on this post are the observational ones. This first picture is of the small mannequin that can be seen in one of my previous posts:



And this sketch is of a small toy tortoise that I found lying on one of my many cluttered shelves.

Toy Turtle

Toy Turtle

This third drawing, however, is a more fantastical scene, my own little tribute to a movie called The Matrix.

Matrix Frog

Matrix Frog

It’s interesting to work with graphite instead of acrylics for a change. The pencils I used for these sketches were a HB, 2B and a 6B. I often use an eraser as well, not only to rub out mistakes, but to add more light and bring out the shade.

Upon reflection, paintbrushes feel smoother than pencils when working with them, and thus more therapeutic. Pencils can be exhausting , especially after an hour or so of repeatedly moving your wrist, but worth the effort in the end. I think I prefer brushes due to the nice flow they have, and I think the next post will include a painting, but it certainly was interesting just to take a break from painting and to return to older methods of creating art.

If you want a closer look, feel free to click on the images above, and as always, thanks for reading!


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  1. Fred says “Hi” to your mannequin. They seem to be all over: I wonder whether they’re planning to take over the world?

    • If they are trying to take over the world, they’ve probably already done it. They’re just making sure we don’t know whose in charge… 🙂 My nameless mannequin (whose name is now Bob) says “Hi” back!

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