A Fiery Volcano and a Watercolour Frog – An Easter Post

Easter – that time of year where we commemorate the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus (and celebrate the miracle of chocolate by eating tonnes of hollow chocolate eggs until we’re sick of them). I initially wanted to paint something with happy fluffy Easter bunnies, but that would be somewhat overdone and boring. After a while I decided to simply paint without any particular subject in my head, and somehow I ended up with this rather apocalyptic scene.

I began by painting a black background,  followed by a red sky with my usual style of clouds. Then I wanted to experiment with new techniques so I decided to turn black mountains into lava-covered volcanoes. I decided to add the burning tree to help balance the composition of the painting. Like my recent paintings, this was painted on canvas with acrylic paints.

I also decided to paint a bookmark for all you frog-lovers out there, going back to watercolours to make sure I don’t forget my watercolour techniques.

froggy bookmarkFrom me and my froggy friend, Hoppy Easter!


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  1. Happy Easter and hope your day was filled with lots more watercolor images.

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