A Few More Volcanoes…

Over the past week, I decided to stick with my volcanic theme and continued to paint fiery landscapes. I really liked experimenting a little more with my last idea and enjoyed painting this scene.


I wanted to create a contrast against the red skies and the black igneous landscape. I also wanted to perfect the lava flows that pour slowly down from the summit, making the streams thinner as they descend from their point of origin. Below is one of my practise paintings for the above one.


Both were painted on fairly small canvases, but I was thinking about painting similar pictures onto bigger canvases because I really like the way these paintings have turned out. I don’t know why I suddenly feel inspired by these destructive mountains, but to quote Picasso;

“The urge to destroy is also a creative urge.”

Maybe these explosive, infernal landscapes are a reflection of a sudden rush of creativity that I seemed to have developed recently. Or perhaps it is the raw power and beauty of these natural features that attracted me to paint them.

The steam and smog surrounding these volcanoes was made with the use of a spray paint can, and I’m finding myself more comfortable using one, sometimes mixing spray paint and stencil techniques with more traditional acrylic painting methods. Although I’m definitely a long way from being a fully accomplished artist, I’m starting to feel that I’m developing my own style of painting.

I am constantly aware that the style I currently have will not always be the one I use, and it will be subject to change over time. I find it very interesting how an artist’s style evolves and it makes me wonder what the artwork I create in 10 years time will look like compared to what I make now. Who knows what the future may hold?


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