Sometimes My Art IS Rubbish…

With my school graduation tomorrow and Leaving Cert. examinations coming up in the next few weeks, life is pretty hectic. Although I’ve created a painting this week, it is for the graduation ceremony and I cannot post it. However, I’ve recently been spending my last few breaktimes taking abandoned old drink-cans and turning them into sculptures. Most of them I’ve given to my friends, but I kept one back for you readers:


Sometimes it’s fun to experiment with materials other than paint or graphite. This metal man was made by cutting up an aluminium can in the following manner, which I’ve illustrated on Google Sketch-Up rather roughly:


Even though I tried to be careful, I managed to cut myself about three times on the same hand, so if any of you are attempting any similar endeavours with old cans I’d certainly advise caution, as cut up cans have a habit of slicing into you when you least expect it!

I hope you like my metal man. I was going to name him myself, but I thought it would be more fun to let you readers come up with a name.


What Name Would You Give To This Can Man?



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  1. I love your can man (sorry for some reason like button doesn’t seem to be working in any of the blogs I’ve tried to like today)….I’m rubbish at naming things…Tiny…(not Tim…)…Tom?
    Thanks for liking my post and good luck with your projects!

  2. Aw, he’s cute! In the top pic, looks like he’s trying to figure out the can-can 🙂

  3. Love how creative and out of the box this is. I’d name himmmm Albert?

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