Off With Your Head!!

When watching the Tim Burton movie adaptation of Alice in Wonderland, I found it strange how the Dodo character only appeared one or twice and then, without explanation, was never seen again. My drawing below is just my interpretation of what could have happened. It may also shed light on how the Dodo became extinct…


In the picture, the Queen of Hearts is giving her trademark execution order to the Dodo. The Ace of Hearts serves as the Queen’s bodyguard; his uniform inspired by playing cards. I drew the executioner as some sort of steampunk cyborg. I started off drawing him normally and I have no idea how he ended up that way, it just felt right.

Some of the castle buildings seen in my last drawing can be seen in the background through the windows.

I hope you enjoy the drawing and thank for reading!


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  1. Your light and shade technique on the windows and tiles is brilliant! Great work. 😀

  2. Great idea. I love the combination of Alice and Steampunk. I am slowly integrating that into my house, it already shows in my art frequently. The concept reminds me of the McGee game from several years back.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 In what way do you integrate it into your house; is it the wallpaper or furniture or all of it? It sounds amazing!

      • I am designing furniture and using hints and allusions to it in any area that strikes me. An example is we painted our kitchen and dining red a while back, it is perfect but not overt. I design pieces using the lines or general feel of one are or another in the game, book, or movie. I don’t think you can put a pic in a comment but recently I posted a cat play zone design that incorporated the cards from the Queen of Heart’s area and the Steampunk feel of another area. In a kitchen island I am building on the side, the shelves up the side are tiled in black and white squares, the under cabinet is red and I will do little decorations here and there reminiscent of the feel.

  3. Great drawing, looking forward to seeing your next one!

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