Evil Tweedle

Yesterday, I sat my Art History exam and my next exam isn’t until Monday, which gives me a bit of time to draw another Wonderland drawing today:

TweedledumOne of the Tweedle-twins is on the run from the playing cards, having escaped from the laboratory in which he was built. In the world of my drawings he is one of many other mechanical ‘twins’, constructed for an unknown, perhaps sinister cause…

Although my drawings are loosely based on Lewis Carroll’s books, I think I’ve diverged quite a lot from his fictional universe, creating my own version of his Wonderland. Like many authors and artists before me, I have twisted and distorted Wonderland to my own design.

I don’t really plan what I draw; instead I discover the worlds and landscapes I create through my drawings, and the results can certainly be interesting. Some of my drawings are happy, however some of them can be a little bit dark or creepy, like the above picture or the war related picture in my last post. I’m not sure why some of my pictures are dark; maybe I’m intrigued by the mysteriousness and strangeness of the wacky world of Wonderland.


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  1. i love your art you should make more you should have an exhibition from Felix

  2. I can see an illustrated story on the way!! Mr Tweedle is a great character and I know that there would be 5 hungry reader in this household!!

  3. Great drawing, I love the Wonderland drawings so far!

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