A Tweedle is Born…

Wonderland is a dangerous and mysterious place, but it’s dark, criminal underworld is even more so. Here’s a drawing of one of the many underground workshops where the Tweedles are created by hand:

tweedle workshop

Originally built for sabotage, each Tweedle has one working hand, and one blade-hand for cutting wires and breaking mechanisms. Each Tweedle is unique, with a different face, body and blade-hand. The working hand is virtually the same for all Tweedles, however, to operate the infamous mechanical Tweedledee and Tweedledum soldiers (which will be revealed in a later post…).

The scientist in the picture has genetically grafted arms onto himself to aid him in his work. A spare arm in a tube can be seen next to his desk. Each scientist and inventor assigned to making Tweedles has a different approach to his or her Tweedles, leading to subtle differences in their Tweedles’ appearance, size and personalities.

If YOU were one of the inventors making a Tweedle,

what characteristics would you give it?


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