Once again, I apologize for the randomness of when I post my blog posts. Schedules just aren’t my forte at the moment.

Anyhow, my grandparents, aunt and cousin came all the way from England to stay round for a week. We’ve all been busy with day trips and family games, but the week has finished and now they’re returning home.

The short holiday was an early celebration of my granddad’s 70th birthday (which is actually on the 18th of August). I decided to paint a picture of the driveway to my house as a gift to him:

Granddad's Present PhotoSince he visits each year, this view is very familiar to him, and he certainly enjoyed the gift!

In my younger years I lived with my grandparents and my granddad would let me make clay sculptures using his potter’s wheel, and I would learn a lot by watching him paint and draw. To this day, he still draws and paints, and has even had his works in exhibitions. He has always liked art and I think that he was one of my biggest influences on my artwork.


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  1. Hello Daniel!

    I like that painting. It has a flavor of Medieval Ireland. đŸ™‚

    How are you?

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