Here is a picture of a Tweedle.

tweedle 1

Built for sabotage, Tweedles are clever and agile machines, but they are also small and easily broken. They are often seen as mere pests that scurry in and out of the clockwork mechanisms that fill the cities of Wonderland. To most people, they barely pose any threat at all. Some people even consider Tweedles as cute, capturing and hacking them so they act as pets.

* * *

While there are thousands of Tweedles scuttling along the streets, a few hundred Tweedledums roam around too. And Tweedledums are anything but cute.


They hide in alleyways during the daytime, aggressively protecting groups of Tweedles that as they share information and repair each other.

At night, the Tweedles scatter off to perform their jobs and the Tweedledums carry out the more heavy duty jobs, such as break ins and bank robberies, stealing things that could be useful to Tweedles, or their secretive masters. They have a retractable, mechanical claw, a flamethrower and even explosive ‘hedgehog’ ammunition to help them in their tasks.

Although the Tweedledums appear to be bigger, stronger Tweedles, they are in fact exosuits. A Tweedle will climb into the back of the exosuit’s head and pilot the Tweedledum with the levers and controls inside it using either one or both of their hands (depending on the Tweedle). Once a Tweedle begins to operate a Tweedledum, it will develop a strong attachment to the suit, even losing its self awareness to the point that it believes it is the suit.

When a Tweedledum becomes severely damaged, or if the Tweedle inside is knocked about too much and is broken, groups of Tweedles will help repair the suit, and another Tweedle will take the place as a pilot Tweedle.

Overall, Tweedledums are powerful metal giants, just a little taller than the average human. Each one is capable of holding their ground against a small army. They can take direct hits from cannons and still stand. They are the protectors of the Tweedles, and everyone else’s worst nightmare…


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