College Induction

This week, on Monday, I had my college induction. All the students were divided into their courses (with the Art 1 group being so big that it was divided into three groups) and we were shown around the rooms of the building. Afterwards I was taken to the printmaking room, where we were given our timetables, the rules and a health and safety talk, before being assigned a mini-project.

To my surprise, classes wouldn’t start until next Monday, leaving me all week to gather both art supplies and research for this mini-project. Having Aspergers, I found that the change from home to living on my own was very stressful, and I was still adapting to my surroundings.



The day after the induction, I just stayed in, sleeping in and doing a little bit of painting. The next day, I ventured outside and walked around my local area, exploring the roads and getting a bit lost before finding my way back. Gradually over the week, I could get into town and learned  how to use the buses, and bought the art supplies that I needed. On Thursday afternoon, I returned home and got on with my mini-project.

For my mini-project, I was given this sheet (see right):

I had to do some research so that I could develop my research/ideas in class, and I decided to use the theme ‘Man Made Machines’. After about three pages into my sketchbook, I started focusing on machine parts and clockwork mechanisms, drawing watch and clock mechanisms that I could find around the house.

Below is a photo of part of sketchbook; it didn’t come out as well as I hoped, but hopefully it’ll give you a rough idea of what my college sketchbook is like at the moment.

miniproject2I still don’t have Internet in my student accommodation, so I can’t update you on my college life until next Saturday at the least, but needless to say, I can’t wait for college classes to officially start tomorrow!!


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  1. Reminded me of Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketchbooks-if you haven’t looked at those you may want to-they’re an incredible source of imagination!

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