Interview Paintings

A few weeks ago I went for a college interview. Today I’m sitting in my student accommodation (which now has Internet access!!) typing this blog post, having already spent a week of art classes. I’ve been so caught up in all the newness of college that I forgot to post some pictures on the bigger paintings I included in my interview; the ones that wouldn’t fit on the scanner.

The first painting is a sunset in acrylics. The sky intentionally possesses the colours of the montbretia flowers silhouetted in the foreground.


‘Montbretia’, A3 acrylics on canvas.

The next picture is a large watercolour of a Tweedle. It didn’t work quite how I wanted it to, but it was my first watercolour of that size.

big tweedle

‘Untitled Tweedle painting’, A2 watercolour on cartridge paper.

Lastly, this painting is an observational acrylics painting of the bridge in my garden.  I hope you enjoy my paintings!

garden small

‘Bridge’, A3 acrylics on canvas.


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  1. lostinthelabyrinthh

    Love these paintings! The first picture is my fave! Good luck with college! 🙂

  2. Ahh Daniel! I feel like I haven’t been over to your blog in so long – those paintings are really really lovely, the sunset’s gorgeous! And well done on the college interview! and I hope you’re enjoying art classes! Good luck with everything, and I look forward to your next posts!!!

  3. Wow! These are really amazing.

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