For some reason, I’ve recently become obsessed with using masks for my artwork.


I bought an arts ‘n’ crafts mask and attached the lens from a pair of broken sunglasses to it, and I made this mask (see right) to represent my ‘artist persona’.

Normally I am a shy person, but sometimes, usually when I’m trying to show my art, play the piano or perform magic tricks, I suddenly become confident. I feel like I’ve stepped back and allowed a different version of ‘me’ to control my thoughts and actions. I feel like I’m wearing some sort of mask.

In our everyday lives, we all have a whole range a masks that we wear – happy ones, sad ones, funny ones, professional ones… I could go on. The four paintings below are based on this fact.

These paintings were created in my spare time by making a stencil using my ‘artist’s persona’ mask, made similarly to my skull stencil. Then I painted the backgrounds of the canvas before spray painting the stencil onto the canvas. Some of the canvases use scraffito techniques. Some are on purposely messy, while others are more clean. I think that these are much more expressionistic than my previous works.

All of my mask paintings are intended to be a little unnerving, as their empty eyes follow you around the room, as well as evoke some other form of emotional response, so to change the theoretical mask the observer of the pieces wears.


Which mask do you wear?


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  1. This reminds me of Spirited Away.

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