Blogging and Indecision


It’s taken until the 13th of January for me to post another post. I was fairly indecisive of what to post on my blog. From a mixture of this and college studies, I’ve been fairly bad at sticking to my blogging schedule. I’ll try to get as better at it again as the year progresses.

As I said, I haven’t really known what I wanted on my blog.

I have more music, but I’m still trying to figure out what pictures to go with them, although the soundtrack was just an experiment to see what I could do to further the story of the Tweedles.

I’ve also began writing a novel since New Year’s that tells the story of the world the Tweedles live in, among other characters I will be introducing this year.

For today, I eventually decided to post these pictures from my sketchbook, which I hope you enjoy!



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