Pyro Commission – Sculptures

A few days ago I was commissioned by a new local cafe called Pyro to put up some decorative sculptures and to create a piece for their wall. I talked with the owners showing them samples of my artwork, and they decided that they would like to see my Tweedles and can-men placed subtly in the corners and crevices of their cafe: IMG_6527 IMG_6528IMG_6529 IMG_6530   IMG_6531 Pyro is a small cafe/takeaway that sells pizzas, pasta and desserts. The owners are really friendly and helpful. I’ve tried some of their pizza and it must have been one of the best I’ve had in years!! I’d definitely recommend it if you’re in the Kenmare area. I’ll be posting another post today with the wall piece, so stay tuned! IMG_6532


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  1. Daniel is getting rich. ☺

    • My price was at minimum wage for 5 and a half hours, I wouldn’t necessarily call it rich! 🙂 It is great fun earning money with your artwork though!
      I was a bit worried of undervaluing myself, but since it’s my first commission I thought about €44 for the drawing was fair. Selling my work is still somewhat new to me at the moment! 🙂

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