Not everyone is a blogger. At the moment this is true of me. Maybe I was a blogger once, but currently I’m not. You can probably tell from my complete lack of posts since January that I’ve taken a huge break from blogging. Each time I tried to post something, I kept procrastinating and putting it off. I didn’t know what to post. What I should write about. Which of my photographs to use…

It’s taken me until late March to finally post something. From this blogging break, I’ve learned a couple of things:

  • Blogging can be addictive and can be hard to stop.
  • When you do stop blogging it can be so very incredibly hard to start again.
  • For whatever reason my best creative writing happens between the hours of 1:00am and 3:00am when I should probably be sleeping.

I also learned an interesting truth about myself and my blog.

The truth that, currently, I am merely an artist pretending to be a blogger. I am not the blogging type, or at least not yet.

The reason I am posting today is that, up until now, I’ve had writer’s block concerning my book-in-progress. I have been trying to write a story about my Tweedles for ages but couldn’t figure out where it was going until recently. As this writer’s block has now passed I feel that I can write again, both the story and on my blog.

Instead of trying to force myself to write once a week during the weekend, I will post whenever it feels right to do so. I want my posts to feel more natural, rather than photos of kittens because I couldn’t think of what else to put on here.

My posts may be a little more irregular now, but I shall try to have at least one post a week. Perhaps I can become a real blogger with enough posts. 🙂

Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll be showing you some pictures of my new sketchbook!


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  1. I look forward to seeing more regular posts from now on! 🙂

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