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Entering 2016

Just wishing everyone the best in the Happy New Year! ūüėÄ

From now on I will probably use this blog as more of a blog to write some of my thoughts and ideas now, as I will post my actual artwork on my newer professional site:


Photography at the Zoo

I have a great holiday in England recently. My family and I went to Blackpool, and went up the Blackpool tower and into their ‘dungeon’ experience underneath the tower. The family went to Liverpool for the day, where we¬†walked around and explored.

I visited the Tate Liverpool, and went into the Jackson Pollock exhibition.I got to the museum late in the day, and it was starting to close. I was on my way out of the museum, along with another man, when I discovered that the doors had been locked!! I was lucky to have my phone on me, and had to get my someone to tell the security guards to get us out. Apparently we were the first people to be locked in the Tate Liverpool in about ten years! I don’t know whether to be¬†embarrassed¬†or consider that an achievement! At least I got to spend a bit of extra time with Jackson Pollock paintings, and even an Andy Warhol print! ūüôā

Anyhow,¬†I thought today I’d post the photos that I took on holiday in England at a zoo (I can’t remember the name of the zoo unfortunately):

And here are my personal favourites… behold a two headed giraffe!!!¬†ūüôā

Seeing Double

Mini-Exhibition for End of Year Assessment

For my end of first year assessment, I set up my provided space as if it was an abandoned museum. It is very similar to what I did at CSN in some ways, but this time I had more space and could decorate the space with a layer of dirt and dust to give it that abandoned feeling. I also had a velvet and mahogany display case, again dusty, that really helped bring out the museum feel, and I typed and printed little information plaques to go with each piece. Like a lot of my work, the museum is set in the world in which the Tweedles live, and the plaques reflect this. I hope you enjoy browsing through my photos and thanks for reading!

Tweedle – the Original Soundtrack

For a while, I’ve been working on creating a soundtrack for my artwork. I’ve heard of people composing soundtracks for films and even books, but can’t find much about composing for artwork. Yesterday, I finally finished my first soundtrack.

The Tweedle OST is an album consisting of a series of soundscapes, that are supposed to guide your imagination through the world of the Tweedles through the medium of sound.

I’ve created a¬†Playlist¬†of all my new songs, which you can now see on my youtube channel or via the link below. ūüôā

My personal favourites from the OST are “03 – Hunted”, “06 – Stealing the Flagship Jabberwock” and “09 – Among Fallen Tweedles”.

Which song is your favourite?

Professional Site

As you can probably tell by the title, I’ve set up a new more professional site for my artwork:

Screeeenshot of New site

(Here’s a link to it if you want to check it out:

Up until now, The Art Frog has been both my blog and my professional site, but now I can use this site solely as a blog and keep my other site formal.

I’d really appreciate feedback on my professional site and would love to know what you think! ūüôā


Not everyone is a blogger. At the moment this is true of me. Maybe I was a blogger once, but currently I’m not. You can probably tell from my complete lack of posts since¬†January that I’ve taken a huge break from blogging. Each time¬†I tried to post something, I kept procrastinating and putting it off. I didn’t know what to post. What I should write about. Which of my photographs to¬†use…

It’s taken me until late March to finally post something. From this blogging break, I’ve learned a couple of things:

  • Blogging can be addictive¬†and can be hard to stop.
  • When you do stop blogging it can be so very incredibly hard to start again.
  • For whatever reason my¬†best creative writing happens between the hours of 1:00am and 3:00am when I should probably be sleeping.

I also learned an interesting truth about myself and my blog.

The truth that, currently, I am merely an artist pretending to be a blogger. I am not the blogging type, or at least not yet.

The reason I am posting today is that,¬†up until now, I’ve had writer’s block concerning my book-in-progress. I have been trying to write a story about my Tweedles¬†for ages¬†but couldn’t figure out where it was going until recently. As this writer’s block has now passed I feel that I can write again, both the story and on my blog.

Instead of trying to force myself to write once a week during the weekend, I will post whenever it feels right to do so. I want my posts to feel more natural, rather than photos of kittens because I couldn’t think of what else to put on here.

My posts may be a little more irregular now, but I shall try to have at least one post a week. Perhaps I can become a real blogger¬†with enough posts.¬†ūüôā

Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll be showing you some pictures of¬†my¬†new¬†sketchbook!

The Time has Come to Talk of Many Things…

¬†“Of shoes and ships and sealing-wax, of cabbages and kings…”

– the Walrus from¬†‘Through the Looking-Glass’ by¬†Lewis Carroll.

A lot has happened in the last month.

  • In my fine art course, I’ve been studying and memorizing about 60 images (which means learning the¬†works of art, their artists and the image’s backgrounds)¬†for a slide test, working hard to meet assessment deadlines and completed an essay on AWN Pugin¬†and his views on architecture.
  • I’ve met an amazingly wonderful girl called Eve, who is also an aspiring artist. ūüôā ‚̧
  • The kittens¬†now have names;¬†‘Millie’ and ‘Sebastian’ and are growing into very happy, hyper cats.
  • As a result of having cats in the house my whole family (myself included) has contracted ringworm, which is very itchy!

Most of the work we have done as students at the college are¬†exploratory, and that there are very few finished works of art. There’s a lot of stuff involving sketchbooks and note taking. I’ve found it strange that for all the work we do as students, it seems to amount to very little actual art, although that will probably change in the second semester. Anyhow, assessments are taking place next week, so I won’t be able to show you most of my works until next Friday or the Monday that follows it. However, I do have a few scanned images of pages from one of my sketchbooks before I handed it up, which you can see below:

During my first semester, I¬†believe that I’m already starting to develop my ideas and I’m much more sure and confident about the sort of artwork I want to produce. In my personal artwork, I think I am forming two main¬†subject¬†matters:

  1. the first being work concerning my Tweedles,
  2. the second being an exploration of themes, including immortality, demons, angels and the supernatural.

It’s been an insightful and illuminating¬†few months and I’m really enjoying myself at art college! As we now approach the middle of December, I want to wish all of you the happiest of holidays as Christmas approaches! Thank¬†you¬†for reading!

Happy Halloween!

This year I improved the costume I had last year and went as the Mad Hatter (again).

Below; the hat is the finished version of the one I posted a while ago and there is also my own attempt at making a tailcoat.

I tried to take a photo of myself in costume using a mirror, but the lighting in the photo below wasn’t very good. I tried to fix it when I uploaded it but couldn’t fix it properly,¬†however I kept the resulting picture because it looked fairly spooky anyway!


Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

And Now for Something Completely Different…

In college over the last few weeks we’ve been experimenting with techniques, without focusing on creating a finished product. I would post them… but they are under assessment now, so when I get the chance, I’ll put them up on this blog. With Halloween approaching, I’ve been working on a costume… which will also appear on this blog soon. (Probably around the time of Halloween) But today, I wanted to show you some pictures of the two newest members of the family:

The kitten¬†on the left is called Millie, but the grey doesn’t have a name yet.


What do you think this cat’s name should be?

The 100th Post

I’ve just finished moving into Cork now and have now got wifi access so I can finally post this post!

I thought that, since I’m beginning a new art course, I’d look at the evolution of my artwork on this blog from the beginning of its creation up until now.



My very first post was about a stencil I made of the local church, which I sponged watercolour paints onto. The finishing touches were painted by hand without the stencil.

I continued to use watercolours, using scraps of card to make bookmarks that I used to practice and improve my skills…



Below are a few of these bookmarks I created with watercolours:


When I was more confident in my skills, I started painting with acrylics on small canvas:



During the Leaving Cert. Exam years, when I had a break from studying I started to doodle. These doodles quickly turned into drawings, and they resulted in a series of A4 pencil drawings.

From one of those pencil drawings came the idea for a mechanical creature that has stuck with me up to the present day РTweedles. I focuses mainly on them and, virtually obsessed with them, made a lot of artwork that featured Tweedles.

They were the main subject for my PLC course artwork as I converted them from pencil to print, from print to painting and even began to make physical life-sized Tweedle sculptures:



Although I do intend to keep making Tweedle-orientated artwork, I think during my 4 year Fine Art course at Crawford I will experiment with new ideas and techniques, moving away from Tweedles a bit to explore new themes.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s viewed, commented, followed or liked anything on this blog as we¬†celebrate 100 posts.

Keeping this blog has allowed me to keep track of my artwork and its progress, and all the support I’ve had from you guys has been very beneficial in my creative process, and has helped me understand my own artwork from new perspectives.

Thank you very much for reading!

Pyro Commission – Pen and Ink Drawing

A few days ago I was commissioned by a new local cafe called Pyro to put up some decorative sculptures and to create a piece for their wall.

After putting up some sculptures (you can see them in my last post) I was asked to create a piece for their wall. With the Tweedle sculptures put up, I decided that something that combined the Tweedles and the cafe would be good. The following drawing was the result:

3 - Copy

The work is based on the unique lights the cafe has (seen below), and was created in a similar way to my skulls, digitally creating the image then using manga pens to trace the image.IMG_6508

Pyro is a small cafe/takeaway that sells pizzas, pasta and desserts. I’d definitely recommend the place if you’re in the Kenmare locality. The owners are very friendly, and the pizzas are all freshly baked almost entirely in front of you.

This concludes my dual posts for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my latest artwork and thanks for reading!

Pyro Commission – Sculptures

A few days ago I was commissioned by a new local cafe called Pyro to put up some decorative sculptures and to create a piece for their wall. I talked with the owners showing them samples of my artwork, and they decided that they would like to see my Tweedles and can-men¬†placed¬†subtly in the corners and crevices of their cafe: IMG_6527¬†IMG_6528IMG_6529¬†IMG_6530 ¬† IMG_6531 Pyro is a small cafe/takeaway that sells pizzas, pasta and desserts. The owners¬†are really friendly and helpful. I’ve tried some of their pizza and it must have been one of the best I’ve had in years!! I’d definitely recommend it if you’re in the Kenmare area. I’ll be posting another post today with the wall piece,¬†so stay tuned! IMG_6532

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