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Chris Burden


Chris Burden has produced some of the most shocking works in the history of twentieth century American art, including spending five days and nights in the fetal position inside a locker, having a spectator push pins into his body, being “crucified” to a Volkswagen Beetle, being kicked down two flights of stairs, and even having himself shot.

The challenge for viewers is to try to understand such troubling and seemingly “inartistic” gestures. Such an understanding is made possible by seeing these works within the context of Conceptual art during the 1970s, where artists concerned themselves with art based on ideas and action rather than objects created for an elite art market. Additionally, the violent images of the war in Vietnam and the television media in general provided a background setting for Burden. His work further challenges viewers to take stock of their own moral compasses and widen their understanding of the ways in which it is possible for art to serve humanity.

A performance artist whose works provoke and question the rules and limits we give to each other and the human body. He shook up the traditional ideas of art while also addressing social and political issues.

One of his most famous and contraversial works is ‘Shoot’ (1971), where he asked his friend to shoot him with a .22 rifle.


Malachi Farrell!malachifarell/cjg9

An Irish artist raised in France currently working in Paris, who creates mechanical kinetic artworks that evoke the feelings and atmosphere of certain aspects of war, the military and of other socio-political issues related to that.

His kinetic works are somewhat theatrical, encompassing all the senses, and he uses found materials that are fairly ordinary and familiar to us to connect us.


Was looking at the works of Austrian art group Gelitin recently.

Gelitin is comprised of four artists.
They met first in 1978 when they all attended a summer camp.
Since then they are playing and working together.
1993 they began exhibiting internationally.

They make sculptural works and art pieces using either people or themselves (such as in the case of the ‘Human Elevator’, ‘Blind Sculpture’ or ‘Gedichte von einem Freund’), or sculptures of body parts (such as in ‘Die Wachauer Nase’ and ‘Rehabilitated Sculptures’).

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