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Just a Quick Drawing…

Tweedle on Lined Paper

Just a quick drawing,

Experimenting in pen,

Changing lined paper.



Mini-Exhibition for End of Year Assessment

For my end of first year assessment, I set up my provided space as if it was an abandoned museum. It is very similar to what I did at CSN in some ways, but this time I had more space and could decorate the space with a layer of dirt and dust to give it that abandoned feeling. I also had a velvet and mahogany display case, again dusty, that really helped bring out the museum feel, and I typed and printed little information plaques to go with each piece. Like a lot of my work, the museum is set in the world in which the Tweedles live, and the plaques reflect this. I hope you enjoy browsing through my photos and thanks for reading!

New Sketchbook

Since my old sketchbook’s full, I now have a new one where I’m exploring oriental art and testing all kinds of techniques and ideas.


The sketchbook itself is handmade from Nepal so it fits with the oriental theme throughout it. Some of the writing inside is from a unique alphabet I designed, which is supposed to look like a mix of western and eastern languages, to use in my artwork. The printed pictures stuck into the sketchbook (as seen above) are an¬†ink painting by¬†Tani Buncho and ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ by Hokusai.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the sketchbook photos and thanks for reading!

The Time has Come to Talk of Many Things…

¬†“Of shoes and ships and sealing-wax, of cabbages and kings…”

– the Walrus from¬†‘Through the Looking-Glass’ by¬†Lewis Carroll.

A lot has happened in the last month.

  • In my fine art course, I’ve been studying and memorizing about 60 images (which means learning the¬†works of art, their artists and the image’s backgrounds)¬†for a slide test, working hard to meet assessment deadlines and completed an essay on AWN Pugin¬†and his views on architecture.
  • I’ve met an amazingly wonderful girl called Eve, who is also an aspiring artist. ūüôā ‚̧
  • The kittens¬†now have names;¬†‘Millie’ and ‘Sebastian’ and are growing into very happy, hyper cats.
  • As a result of having cats in the house my whole family (myself included) has contracted ringworm, which is very itchy!

Most of the work we have done as students at the college are¬†exploratory, and that there are very few finished works of art. There’s a lot of stuff involving sketchbooks and note taking. I’ve found it strange that for all the work we do as students, it seems to amount to very little actual art, although that will probably change in the second semester. Anyhow, assessments are taking place next week, so I won’t be able to show you most of my works until next Friday or the Monday that follows it. However, I do have a few scanned images of pages from one of my sketchbooks before I handed it up, which you can see below:

During my first semester, I¬†believe that I’m already starting to develop my ideas and I’m much more sure and confident about the sort of artwork I want to produce. In my personal artwork, I think I am forming two main¬†subject¬†matters:

  1. the first being work concerning my Tweedles,
  2. the second being an exploration of themes, including immortality, demons, angels and the supernatural.

It’s been an insightful and illuminating¬†few months and I’m really enjoying myself at art college! As we now approach the middle of December, I want to wish all of you the happiest of holidays as Christmas approaches! Thank¬†you¬†for reading!

The 100th Post

I’ve just finished moving into Cork now and have now got wifi access so I can finally post this post!

I thought that, since I’m beginning a new art course, I’d look at the evolution of my artwork on this blog from the beginning of its creation up until now.



My very first post was about a stencil I made of the local church, which I sponged watercolour paints onto. The finishing touches were painted by hand without the stencil.

I continued to use watercolours, using scraps of card to make bookmarks that I used to practice and improve my skills…



Below are a few of these bookmarks I created with watercolours:


When I was more confident in my skills, I started painting with acrylics on small canvas:



During the Leaving Cert. Exam years, when I had a break from studying I started to doodle. These doodles quickly turned into drawings, and they resulted in a series of A4 pencil drawings.

From one of those pencil drawings came the idea for a mechanical creature that has stuck with me up to the present day РTweedles. I focuses mainly on them and, virtually obsessed with them, made a lot of artwork that featured Tweedles.

They were the main subject for my PLC course artwork as I converted them from pencil to print, from print to painting and even began to make physical life-sized Tweedle sculptures:



Although I do intend to keep making Tweedle-orientated artwork, I think during my 4 year Fine Art course at Crawford I will experiment with new ideas and techniques, moving away from Tweedles a bit to explore new themes.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s viewed, commented, followed or liked anything on this blog as we¬†celebrate 100 posts.

Keeping this blog has allowed me to keep track of my artwork and its progress, and all the support I’ve had from you guys has been very beneficial in my creative process, and has helped me understand my own artwork from new perspectives.

Thank you very much for reading!

The 17th Tweedle

Now that I’ve secured a place in Crawford College of Art and Design, I’m busy getting ready to move to Cork, finding art supplies and sorting out all the stuff associated with college life. Since I’m currently focused on the move back into Cork, I won’t be posting much artwork until I’m settled into my new college. I will try to post something each week, but my schedule might be a little more erratic.

Anyhow, today I thought I’d share with you a photo of the 17th Tweedle.

When I make my Tweedle sculptures, I always make them in ‘generations’ of 8 Tweedles each. This one, however,¬†I created a while ago for a dear friend’s birthday.


It’s the only one to date that has not belonged to a generation. It’s also the only one to possess a miniature metal fan and have it’s own personalized blue-jay feather.

When I was creating it, I perceived it as an experimentation into how Tweedles might decorate themselves, mimicking the way their human masters cloth themselves. I also wanted to capture the sort of playfulness that Tweedles develop over time.

I hope you like this sculpture, and thanks for reading!

Tweedles – Generation Two

As I promised last week, here’s the next series of Tweedles. These ones were a bit more experimental; some are missing their face cloth, while some have much larger eyes than those of the previous generation. They were all created¬†by making¬†a basic wire skeleton, and twisting the outer layer of wire around the skeleton. As always, each tweedle is completely¬†unique¬†¬†and has their own characteristics and personality.Tweedles gen2 2 Tweedles gen2 3 Tweedles gen2 4 Tweedles gen2 5 Tweedles gen2 6 Tweedles gen2 7 Tweedles gen2 8 Tweedles gen2 9

I took a photo of one of the tweedles lying flat in the palm of my hand to give an indication of the scale of the sculptures. I hope you enjoy these photos and thanks for reading.IMG_6461 - Copy

Hatmaking and College Results

Since college I’ve been taking a bit of a break from my usual art. As you¬†may¬†know from my last post I’ve been working on my book.¬†As for the tweedles, I’m one tweedle away from completing another generation of them. Since there were eight in the last generation, I’ll stick to that number for this one.

Anyhow, today I wanted to post something completely different. Recently to pass the time, I’ve been converting a straw hat into my own personalized top hat. It’s not quite finished yet but here’s what I have so far:

IMG_6422 IMG_6424

Next week I’ll be posting the photos of my new tweedles, but after that I think I can safely post photos of my portfolio because the assessment is complete and I’ve received my results now, which I’ve posted below.


Blended Picture

With only a few weeks to go until my portfolio interview, I don’t and won’t have much time to post. Since I can’t post pictures of my actual portfolio work until the interview is done, I’ve decided to create a experimental, 15 minute piece of art for today.

Below is a digitally made composite of two of my previous pictures, created on a photoshop program. Enjoy!



* * * * * * * UPDATE * * * * * * *

To keep focused on mounting and working on my portfolio, I am not going to post on my blog for the next few weeks.  I might stop by on other blogs when I have the time, but I will resume posting sometime around the 13th of April.

I apologize in advanced for any inconvenience caused by my absence on this blog. I simply feel that I must prioritize other things over my blog-keeping.

Thank you for understanding.

Music and a Sneak Preview of my Novel

Today, I thought I’d share two more of my songs with you. One based on Tweedledum, and the other is fairly self explanatory.¬†I also thought I’d give you a sneak preview of the first draft of my novel, which you can find a link to at the bottom of this page.

Be aware that the following website is still under construction, and will be updated in accordance with the completion of chapters of my novel: Book Excerpt Link

Back in Time for Christmas!

As you may have noticed, I haven’t updated for a while. A long while. This was mainly due to essay and project deadlines in college, and I thought it best to choose my college work over my blog, understandably.

In the rest of my time, I have been working on my latest pieces of art, which I created using Linux Multimedia Studio. In the last few weeks I have been creating and composing my very own music.

I have always liked instrumental music because it really leaves your imagination open, as there are no words to influence it, only sounds. That’s why these works¬†are not so visual, but aural works that accompany the picture that they are shown with. The accompanying image is a mere basis for the imagination to start.¬†I am still a very visual artist, but wanted to bring a new dimension to my Tweedles, and have now done so with music.

I don’t know why, but the picture quality seems to diminish when saved in a video; any suggestions on how to fix that are very welcome. Anyhow without any further adieu,¬†these are the first three songs in my Tweedle Soundtrack…

¬†I hope you enjoy the clips below, and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!! ūüôā

Real life Tweedles!

I’ve been a bit preoccupied with college work and an operation for a lump I had on my wrist. I get the feeling that posting my college work on here before it’s been assessed and marked could be a bad idea, so instead I’ll post the artwork I do in my spare time for now. I thought I’d publish pictures of two of my mini Tweedle sculptures:

TWEEDLEAlthough they’re still to be finished, they’re made up of watch parts, cotton buds, pieces of cloth and lots of super glue. They’re still a bit experimental, and so far they’ve fallen apart a bit, but eventually I should be able to complete them without them collapsing or breaking. I hope you enjoy my work-in-progress tweedles and It’s good to be blogging again!

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