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Photos from my Old Sketchbook

Just a quick post! College is around the corner and I am preparing myself for Second year!! Very exciting!

I thought today I’d post these photos from my old PLC¬†sketchbook. I meant to post them a while ago. ūüôā

By posting them here, I can reflect on my old sketchbook in comparison to my new one, and see how I’ve improved and what¬†has changed over the years, and what I’ve kept in my work.


PLC Portfolio Printmaking

This week, I’ve decided to post some of my printmaking works. I liked learning the new techniques and creating images that could be¬†repeated and copied¬†yet malleable; altered through the use of colour or chine coll√©.

The lino prints were made by:

  • Cutting¬†into a¬†linoleum sheet¬†with a sharp V-shaped knife.
  • The lino sheet was¬†inked up with a roller, and then¬†paper was placed carefully on top.
  • The lino on paper was fed through a printing¬†press to create the finished print.

Although I had experience with lino printing before, the chine collé technique was completely new to me. Before the paper was placed on top, bits of cut tissue, paper or newspaper were affixed with spray mount. This simple step really changed the look of the prints and was great fun too!

As for the intaglio:

  • A sheet of acetate (clear plastic stuff) was engraved into with a pointed instrument.
  • Once the design was engraved, ink was rolled out next to the acetate,¬†and spread evenly on with a piece of tough card.
  • Then the majority of the ink was scraped off with a piece of scrim, and the acetate was fed through the press with paper afterwards to create the finished product.

I hope you like the prints below and thanks for reading!

Silhouette Cogs and Paper Cranes



I wanted to create something good to post last weekend, but none of my paintings seemed to work out, so I decided to create else.

Most envelopes you find are dull and bland, usually wither white or one solid colour. I wanted to change this…

I made this envelope by spraying black¬†aerosol¬†paint onto an A4 sheet, using a plastic gear to create a¬†silhouette¬†effect. It started off as a piece of paper that I had no idea what to do with. Then I folded it in half stared at it for a few minutes before folding the sides inwards as I started to make an envelope. I used scissors to cut away the excess paper. I sealed the inward sides together with sellotape, in such a way that it can’t be seen on the outside of the envelope.



I know it has it’s faults, for example, the blob of paint in the top right corner of the back, and I feel I should have used more gears around the edges, but for an experimental work, it turned out okay. I wonder what you’ll make of it.

I had most of this post typed up yesterday, but forgot to post it so I¬†apologise¬†for that. I should also apologise for the lack of frogs, despite what I said in previous posts. There will definitely¬†have to be frogs in next weekend’s paintings, and so there shall be.

Also, to update you on my crane project, I’m up to 120 cranes now! That’s over a tenth of the way there, and to celebrate, here’s a photograph of my three gatherings of 40 cranes…

Crane Update

Crane Update

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